brand strategy.

For me, brand strategy is about peeling back layers of confusion and distraction to reveal the beating heart of an organization — who you are and why you exist. Sometimes this emerges organically in the flow of crafting stories and content. Often it requires a high-level intervention and discovery process. Always, the payoff is worth the pain.

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Marketing at Patagonia is very simple. We just tell people who we are.”


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Unifying a global non-profit

When I was first brought in, World Learning was a 75-year-old non-profit doing extraordinary work in 150+ countries around the world but suffering from a crisis of identity. I helped lead a research project and top-to-bottom brand strategy to unify a sprawling confederation of programs and sub-brands under a single banner and mission. This unified brand identity helped energize employees, sparked renewed engagement with donors and alumni, and boosted win rates for grants.

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connecting healthcare for all

At athenahealth, I had a hand in two major company re-brands. The first of these, which I led internally, centered the company’s brand purpose on “healthcare connectivity for all,” positioning the company as the champion for open data sharing to make healthcare work as it should. My team led a corresponding revamp to develop a new logo, visual system and tagline.

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