thought leadership.

Everyone wants to be a thought leader these days. Why? Because being one gives you outsized influence and reach, providing a powerful and authentic platform to build and grow your brand. I work with individuals and organizations to excavate and craft your unique story and point of view — and then get it in front of the audiences that matter.


There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come." 


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A New york times best seller

athenahealth’s explosive growth — which earned the company a spot on Forbes’ 25 Fastest Growing Tech Companies list — was fueled in no small part by the vision and passion of the company’s founder-CEO. To position him as a national voice in the healthcare debate, I conceived, spearheaded, and executive-edited a book, Where Does It Hurt? An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Fixing Healthcare. Reaching #6 on the NYT bestseller list, it set up the CEO to get high-profile speaking engagements and top-tier media coverage for years to come.

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harvard business review

Knowing that healthcare execs, like most execs, regard HBR as the gold standard for leadership insight, I pitched, landed and wrote an ongoing series of articles for HBR that showcased athenahealth’s executive team and points of view on hot industry topics. Sales and marketing teams used reprints to engage C-suite prospects and establish credibility around issues they care about. While competitors were paying for series sponsorship, we had HBR coming to us for earned contributions year after year.

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